What is Search Engine Optimisation

SEO and Search Engine Optimisation Services for Businesses by Jump The Gap Marketing Agency

What is Search Engine Optimisation and why is it so important for your website?

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of increasing the visibility of a website on search engines to get more “organic” or “free” traffic.

There are 63,000 searches on Google per second and Google is responsible for 90.46% of the search engine traffic worldwide, yet only 21% of Irish SME’s spend money on SEO to promote their website.

If you own a website, then Search Engine Optimisation is no longer something you can afford to avoid.  The online world of search engines is highly competitive as it drives the vast majority of customers to businesses.

There is a difference between Search Engine Optimisation and good Search Engine Optimisation.  The old tricks of jamming as many of your keywords onto each page or getting as many backlinks as possible from any and every website no longer works and can result in you getting penalised by Google.  New factors, such as the speed it takes your site to load, are now extremely important.  In fact, Google uses over 200 ranking factors!

So talk to us today about how we can help you with the SEO for your website!

Some of the Search Engine Optimisation services we provide

SEO Audit

We will run a full SEO audit on your website to discover any errors and where we can improve on your site.

Content Optimisation

Is your content full of typo’s?  Is it too light? Does it quickly and easily answer the questions that your customers have? We can review all of your content and make recommendations or edit and write content for you.

Mobile Optimisation

Almost 50% of searches on Google are now through mobile, but many businesses don’t optimise their website for mobile users. We can help you improve your mobile website.

Keyword Research

Do you know what keywords your customers use when searching for your service or product? We will do keyword research to find this out!

Local Search Optimisation

Do you serve a particular area or location? We can help you with your local search engine optimisation to reach your potential customers in your location or area.

Constant Monitoring

Customers and their habits change. New competitors come to market.  Google changes its algorithms. We will continuously monitor your website and tweak it to ensure that your SEO stays up-to-date.

What we can do for you

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