Website Analytics

Website Analytics Services by Jump The Gap Marketing Agency

Do you understand your analytics?

Are you tracking the traffic on your website or has it never crossed your mind? Have you installed Google Analytics on your website but when you read the data it just looks like gibberish to you?!

Analytics is possibly the most effective marketing tool you can have. Without having analytics on your website or without reading the data, you won’t have any idea what is happening on your website. You won’t know whether your website is achieving your business goals or whether some section of your site needs to be improved or fixed.

We can help.  We can set up a Google Analytics account and a Google Search Console account for you. We can analyse the data to help you see where your site is working or where it could be improved.

How we can help you with your website analytics

Search Engine Traffic

What search engines are sending you traffic, or are you even getting traffic from search engines?

Social Media Traffic

Are your social media accounts driving traffic to your site?


Are you running advertising campaigns but have no idea whether it’s working or not?


Do you know what keywords your customers are using to find your site?


What content on your website is attracting the most visitors to your website?

Reduce Marketing Costs

Do you want to reduce your marketing costs?

What we can do for you?

Have you not done any digital marketing yet? Do you need a professional, reliable digital marketing company to do it for you?